Saturday, November 21, 2009

Why H1N1 can be fun for the Whole Family

1. We don't have to decide whether or not to get the vaccine anymore, nor do we have to worry about shortages.

2. I got to stay home a lot and finally got around to digging the high chair out of storage and cleaning it off.

3. I finally got over the icky-ness factor of taking a rectal temperature.

4. Virginia got to spend her entire half-birthday in her pajamas (three different pairs, actually).
5. Our friends brought us hearty chicken soup and other delicious food, to ease our suffering (thanks Chastons and Mobleys!).

6. It turns out being in a nice, tight full-body swaddle is still fun, and effective, even at six months old (Thank you Reynolds! This is the only way we got any sleep, day or night).

Varied Expression

She doesn't always stare intently at the camera with a very straight face. Just usually (It took me around a hundred shots to get this variety).